Best Toys for Indoor Cats: A Short Buying Guide

You possible obtain cat toys forward your cat can like them. However, however does one apprehend evidently that you just area unit on the point of purchase the simplest toys for an inside cat? this can be a buyer’s guide that aims to show you the way to shop for the simplest toys for indoor cats and keep them diverted.

Quality and Durability

Your purpose is to find a toy that your cat can play with solo or in a human’s company. So, cat toys first need to be safe. The ideal toy for indoor cats should have no parts that can detach or get swallowed. Strings and sharp pieces are out of the question. If necessary, any remove dangerous parts from the toy yourself before handing it to your cat.
Surprisingly, the best toys for indoor cats are chewing items. Chew toys for cats are interactive and multi-functional. You can check the linked article for a list of the best chew toys for your cat. The top product on the list, based on users’ preferences, is PetSafe’s Egg Cersizer which also works as a food dispenser. 
You can try out cat toys in the store. Therefore, inspect them thoroughly and make sure the various parts are attached well and don’t fall when the cat is chasing the toy. The toy’s quality is given by its ability to stay in one piece for as long as possible. You can find out more about a toy’s durability from users’ online reviews.

Toy Category

Observe your cat and see what they like to play with and how they enjoy spending their playtime the most. You can conduct your own experiments to see if your cat enjoys battling toys around, pouncing them on, carrying, or nibbling on them. Even though most don’t last long, the best toys for indoor cats are the ones that grab their attention and keep them hooked.
If you have found your cats’ favorite type of toys, keep in mind info like whether they are colorful, have a specific shape or texture. You can later purchase similar toys having this information. If you leave your cat alone for many hours, observe a toy’s wear and tear level.

Toy’s Characteristics

Cats are attracted to toys because of their hunting instinct. If a toy resembles your cat’s favorite prey, the cat will stalk, chase, pounce and capture the toy as a treasure. There are toys that you can wave in mid-air to mimic birds, but those are also unsafe and not recommended for the cat’s solo playtime. Others mimic on-the-ground movements which allow them to alter furniture or keep your pet almost steady. Experiment and adapt the toy to your home and the treasures you need to protect. 
The best toys for indoor cats should fit the pet’s size. Make sure that the toy is not too large for your cat to avoid turning playtime into a battle. Also, cat toys shouldn’t be noisy. You don’t want to scare the cat or get the neighbors annoyed and throw the toy away. Cat’s hearing is sensitive. Even so, your pet can enjoy subtle prey sounds like squeaks. You can make an informed choice by noticing your cat’s personality and choosing a toy that matches its behavior.

What Else Do the Best Toys for Indoor Cats Do?

  • House cats tend to be sedentary out of boredom when you are at work. Toys help them exercise and stay fit during the day. Cats are curious, and if they have nothing to do, you will notice their boredom.
  • Fun is essential for a happy cat. Chasing a toy keeps their blood flowing and maintains them in a good mood. This means that cats also fight off stress and anxiety by playing so that they don’t end up being aggressive or urinating around the house.
  • Cats care more about people than food, according to a study. Therefore, toys help you bond with your cat and continue the fun it had during the day. You have limited bonding options with your cat, so toys can help you spend quality time with your furry friend.
  • Cat toys can keep your pet healthy and balanced as they exercise a lot while chasing the toys. Entertainment keeps their mind and muscles active. Moreover, if you choose chew toys, you help them keep healthy teeth while they see food as a reward for solving a given puzzle.

Cat Play Time!

So, you have purchased the best toys for indoor cats, even if you have only given them one and saved a few for later. A good cat toy can help you bond more easily with your cat while also having a good playtime with your favorite pet in the world. Get the best toys for indoor cats and keep your pet fit, healthy, and happy!
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